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DCM - Suspender Skirt by SkrillsNwubwubs DCM - Suspender Skirt by SkrillsNwubwubs
Application for :icondcmissionaries: !

This is my smol bab, I hope you guys like her! 
EDIT// Added her birthday

NAME: Suspender Skirt
BIRTHDAY: October 31st 2000
GENDER: ♀  [She/Her]
5ft 10in
FALLEN SIN: Gluttony + Lowkey Greed, Envy and Lust.
RANK: I; Fallen Angel
WEAPON: Bow and arrows  ["Beau + Gems"]


Suspender Skirt loves being a generous person to others, especially if they are feeling down. She will not hesitate to help them sort out any emotional issues and overfeed them. It makes her super mad if someone feels neglected, as she grew up mostly neglected due to her parents being workaholics. 
When suspender is feeling down she will not leave her room unless its for snacks. She doesn't want to burden others with her emotions and basically withdraws away from anyone else. Once she's done feeling pessimistic she will do a complete switch from hiding away from others to socializing and pretending she is okay. It isn't healthy but she's stubborn af when it comes to her own emotions and needs.  She's secretly a bitter child from not having enough attention and affection and relishes when people pay attention to her, even if it's mean words and rude comments.

Suspender takes the saying 'Sharing is caring' way too literally and she rarely expects something in return for anything she gives. Although she'll hold back on giving away her prized belongings like her plushies or favorite accessories. She's an avid animal lover, and knows most people by their animals if they have any.  She can be a vengeful little brat when she witnesses someone mistreating their animals [or touching her stash of sweets.] She will cut someone
Suspender is super indecisive and will probably take at least an hour to pick an outfit or movie. She usually lets others decide because she doesn't want to cause any inconviences with her indecisiveness. She compulsively shops and is very dangerous if left alone to shop. This is mostly because of her indecisive tendencies and also because she really can't help herself.  Especially if it's snacks, KEEP HER AWAY! SHE WILL BUY EVERYTHING AND NOT REGRET IT!  Suspender will indulge in anything food related, though she prefers sweets. She can eat a feast's worth yet still keep her shape. She also tends to force others to indulge snacks with her and is determined to keep everyone fed and happy. Even if they don't want to be fed. "JUST EAT MY FOOD AND STOP BEING SAD PLS ILY"  
She is kind of an organization nerd, and loves seeing things clean, organized and labeled. DIY stuff is like her crack, she has her laptop with like two folders of DIY videos and tutorials Her room in the abbey is very organized and clean with cute and practical crafts holding her plushies or showcasing her bow accessories. 

Suspender skirt was born in Heaven and had an average enough life. Her parents would spend all their time working or sleeping with little time to acknowledge her and give her proper attention. So she taught herself to cook and bake. Finding out she really frigging loves food, whether it's eating it herself or making others eat it. She was determined to feed her parents and any family friends to show her cooking off and be generous. When her class would hold a bake sale she was the one with most sold goods. [She couldn't help herself in compulsively offering her food.] Suspender skirt wasn't top of the class, but her grades were great enough that her parents never sat her down to scold her about her grades.
She had enough friends at school and she cared a lot about them, especially if they felt neglected. She'd go out of her way to leave them cute inspirational quotes and give them attention.
Suspender's parents never got her a pet due to her tendency to overfeed just about anything and they didn't want to put her through losing a pet and it being her fault. [She would look at other angels who had pets and long for one for herself. As most pets looked like they brought generous amounts of joy and happiness to their caretakers.
Suspender would mostly be envious and disappointed when she'd witness other people pass with their pets.]
Her parents mostly thought they could keep her happy by giving her lavish gifts like clothing or new furniture or electronic devices. But she just wanted hugs lmao. This would probably the main factor as to why she gives a lot. 

Eventually she got the boot from Heaven due to compulsively feeding everyone and being way too generous with her food offers. Some angels probably hate certain food due to her. #wARFLASHBACKS [I sincerely feel for those angels who got overfed by Suspender Skirt #RIP]

Suspender Skirt doesn't really plan on going back up to Heaven, as she finds Earth is a great place. Mostly because she has freedom to do as she pleases, and be herself without the higher ups judging her. She doesn't miss her parents all that much as she didn't get to spend much quality time with them anyway. Though Heaven and Earth are similar, she kind of fell in love with the animals and scenery of Earth. Not to mention all the different types of food as well. Suspender finds she has more structure and a better schedule on earth than in Heaven.
And she really doesn't mind fighting ghosts.

- She likes making crafts and doodling mandalas, she has a bulletin board full of them.
- Loves taking long walks and admiring nature 
- Tends to swear under her breath when cooking or baking
- Makes amazing food 10/10
- Drinks water or tea for anything
- Loves watching cartoons and anything animated
- Frequents the zoo often
- Sleep cycle is wacked af 
- Will eventually cover her room walls with scenery paintings
- Says okay or sure when someone says something mean to her [. _ .] She doesn't know how to accept a rude comment lmao
- Cries when watching The Lion King
- Has at least 15 animal plushies

Heshin Theme
Timerifts Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
What a bae. 
Rip Jimmy
SkrillsNwubwubs Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2016  Student General Artist
omg poor Jimmy
he died again in heaven lmao
Timerifts Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Rip Jimmy
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